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NEW CALENDAR 2020-2021 - Trust in ADONAI

August 25th 2020

Order Calendars for Your Congregation Today! Bulk orders up to 20 Calendars, Order online: https://www.messianicjewish.net/products/trust-in-adonai-calendar-2020-2021-coming-soon?_pos=1&_sid=442a08ce1&_ss=r for Bulk orders over 20 Calendars (include other books & Bibles if you wish) email your order to: Lisa@PROTECTED 800-410-7367 www.MessianicJewish.net ...Continue Reading

New Partnership with Baker & Taylor Publisher Services

July 24th 2020

Shalom Rabbi, You probably received an email last week from Randy McKenzie, Sales Manager of Baker and Taylor Publishing Services (BTPS) about Messianic Jewish Publisher’s new relationship with this organization. Rabbi David Friedman, one of my authors, got the email and asked if that meant he’s supposed to submit future manuscripts to me or someone else. He also asked if I was retiring. Let me clarify. First, I told David that my office is still handling all editorial work and that I’m ...Continue Reading

NEW CALENDAR 2020-2021!!

July 24th 2020

COMING SOON! 2020-2021 Trust in ADONAI Calendar Click Here: https://www.messianicjewish.net/products/trust-in-adonai-calendar-2020-2021-coming-soon?_pos=5&_sid=353b5b103&_ss=r Click Here: [1]https://www.messianicjewish.net/products/trust-in-adonai-calendar-2020-2021-coming-soon?_pos=5&_sid=353b5b103&_ss=r 800-410-7367 www.MessianicJewish.net [1] https://www.messianicjewish.net/products/trust-in-adonai-calendar-2020-2021-coming-soon?_pos=5&_sid=353b5b103&_ss=r ...Continue Reading

Important Message!

March 19th 2020

Another Plan for Passover and 50% OFF & FREE SHIPPING 800-410-7367 Haggadah & Prep Guide: https://www.messianicjewish.net/products/messianic-passover-haggadah?variant=30250417356871 All Passover Items: https://www.messianicjewish.net/collections/biblical-festivals-customs/passover#MainContent www.MessianicJewish.net ...Continue Reading

For Rabbis: 40% OFF Giant Print CJB

March 13th 2020

Has it ever been difficult for you or your congregants to see the text of the bible when reading from the bema? Well, we’ve solved this problem. Introducing the…. for More Details: https://www.messianicjewish.net/collections/bibles-commentaries/products/complete-jewish-bible-1 800-410-7367 CustomerService@PROTECTED ...Continue Reading

40% OFF Special for Rabbis

February 12th 2020

One for the Bema and One for the Rabbi's Study! For Full Details: [1]https://messianicjewish.net/bibles-commentaries-new/bibles/complete-jewish-bible-giant-print.html 800-410-7367 CustomerService@MessianicJewish.net [1] https://messianicjewish.net/bibles-commentaries-new/bibles/complete-jewish-bible-giant-print.html ...Continue Reading

Giant Print CJB-16pt font NOW AVAILABLE!

January 24th 2020

Beautiful NEW CJB in Giant Print! Great for Reading at the Bema! Get Your Copy Today! https://messianicjewish.net/complete-jewish-bible-giant-print.html Wholesale Prices Available 800-410-7367 [1]www.MessianicJewish.net [1] http://www.messianicjewish.net/ ...Continue Reading

Looking to 2020

December 13th 2019

Looking to 2020... www.MessianicJewish.net 800-410-7367 CustomerService@PROTECTED ...Continue Reading


November 26th 2019

ENJOY HOLIDAY SAVINGS FOR YOUR CONGREGATION RIGHT NOW! Offer Expires 12/06/19 Email Your Order to: CustomerService@PROTECTED 800-410-7367 www.MessianicJewish.net ...Continue Reading

New FREE Catalog to Share with Your Congregation!

October 30th 2019

Can we send you Catalogs for your Congregation and their Holiday Shopping? Please email: CustomerService@PROTECTED (Tell us Size of Your Congregation & Address) Please also share our catalogs with your family and friends! GIANT PRINT (16 pt font) CJB NOW AVAILABLE! 800-410-7367 www.MessianicJewish.net email Lisa@PROTECTED to obtain pdf of catalog ...Continue Reading